Working with your Illinois health insurance

very comparison of the various Illinois health insurance benefits is going to involve taking a close look at benefits, figuring out what  your co-payment will be, identifying any exclusions and determining if any apply to you and of course, calculating premiums and your ability to pay them.  It all comes down to money and coverage, both key concepts in your comparisons.

But, there are other parts of a good plan, too, factors you may not have considered.

A health insurance plan should support you

The best Illinois health insurance plans from are there to provide all kinds of support so that you live in a more health way—and have to use fewer insurance benefits. That’s the ideal, because it means fewer doctor visits.  As you assess the different plans, look at what extra services they provide at no additional cost.

Many insureds appreciate the ability to talk to a registered nurse at any time: 24/7. This is a great resource if you need assistance in weighing the pros and cons of a treatment decision or if you just have a question. If your Illinois health insurance company provides this benefit, be sure to use it.

Every insurer today recognizes the importance of wellness care and preventive medicine. They know that investing in these programs and in your good health will pay off in the long run.  Many plans provide their customers with free preventive care, wellness visits and recommended screenings. Diabetics are often provided with a nurse to help them manage their disease by phone.  There is also help with smoking cessation, diet and other programs to help you live in a more healthy way. This insurance industry trend is good for everyone.

Health insurance and customer care and health insurance

It is important that you be able to reach a customer service representative by phone or email if you need to. Many programs now have all your benefit and claims information online for you to access it 24 hours a day.  Make sure your plan has a easy-to-use customer website interface.  Smartphone apps are becoming more common and if that is your preferred way of accessing information, find an Illinois health insurance company that offers it.

You may want to know what it is like to be a customer of a particular plan. It is smart to do an online search for consumer reviews so you can learn about the experiences of others and let their experience guide yours.